Kickapoo Valley Auction Services

Consignment Rates

box Basically, negoiate a commission fee you feel comfortable with. On small sales, 85 percent of the bid price goes to you on the first $2000.
If the total of the sale is greater than $2000, the balance over $2000 is calculated at 12%, so 88% is returned to you.
KVA will negotiate commission rates on large auctions. Servicing bidders of the Mauston, Reedsburg, Sparta, Tomah, Onalaska, Holmen, LaCrosse communities.

What to Consign or Not Consign

box The sale of firearms does involve special considerations and sometimes a Licensed FFL dealer or shipper. Special fees and costs can be incurred. Firearms are a consignable item, but involve more people. We work with a specialist to comply with all regulations of firearm sales and transfers.

We recommend that unidentified fluids not be sold.
We recommend that explosive fuels or fluids, and chemicals not be sold.
We recommend that adult magazines and DVDs not be sold.
We recommend that most common clothing and articles of bedding not be sold unless exceptional clean or unique.
We do not consign live animals.
We do not consign articles which are illegal to sell, such as ivory after import date, war treasures, or Native American art.
We recommend that you consider the emotional value to you of any heirloom, once sold it may not be coming back.
We recommend that stuff and mounted animals be carefully checked as to their legality.
We recommend that any property bearing a lien not be consigned.
We recommend that any item which may be considered stolen or of questionable ownership not be consigned here.
We recommend that any vehicle claiming to be titleable already be titled.

How we Perform a Consignment


First is proof of ownership.
For example: All parties of an estate must be willing to sign on to the auction agreement or designate a representative of the estate
Both parties of a divorce must be willing to sign on to the auction for property held in common.
Division of the proceeds is not the role of the auctioneer.
We offer moving services of items to our facilities.
All items can be listed and a part of the contract before they leave your place, or we return a list of inventory after loading the auction.
You sign a list of all items recieved.
You are able to provide details for the description for any item as you see fit
All owner description information will be stated as "per seller"
Be willing to stand behind your "per seller" information.
We sign a consignment agreement, stating the comission rate and distribution of proceeds.
The auction is scheduled, KVA loads and posts the items, KVA photo shoots the items.
The auction is held online, KVA invoices the buyers and cashiers the pickup.
KVA will handle the shipping requests.
Collection of any shipping charge is not a part of auction proceeds.

Collection of any buyer fee is not a part of auction proceeds.

KVA expects the consignor to present items in a clean condition.
KVA does not repair items.
KVA represents the item fairly to both the buyer and seller.
KVA does not knowingly mis-represent items.


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